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Voice Aloud Reader Apk

Nombre de la aplicación Voice Aloud Reader Apk
Categoría Gratis JUEGO | Aplicaciones
Tamaño Variado en dispositivos
Última revisión Nuevo

Información adicional:

  • Idiomas App: Es | en
  • Licencia: gratis
  • Sistema Operativo: Android

User rating for @voice aloud reader: Developed by hyperionics technology, the free app has a stunning list of reviews and over 5 million downloads. Listen to app reading aloud web pages, pdf, doc, txt, epub and fb2 files, more.


Requisitos e información adicional:

  • Requisitos mínimos del sistema operativo: Android 4.0 +
  • Ofrece compras integradas.
  • Instrucciones para instalar XAPKs en Android.

Voice Aloud Reader Apk Galerías

Android / multimedia / other tools / voice aloud reader. Luister naar app hardop lezen van webpagina's, pdf, doc, txt, epub en fb2 files, meer. @voice aloud reader free android app current version number:

* click share or send by email button/menu item in any app to send text to @voice aloud reader for aloud reading over speakers or a headset. Let your phone read aloud for you. If you have ads blocked with something like adguard then the app will still behave as if it were not cracked and will.

26.4.0 @voice aloud reader reads aloud the text displayed in an android app, e.g. Voice aloud reader (cracked) today hyperionics technology updated the license for voice aloud reader. * when sharing web pages to @voice, their.


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